United Alloys and Metals

United Alloys & Metals is one of the world's leading processors of titanium and super alloy scrap. As a division of the Cronimet family, UAM is part of one of the  world's largest metal recycling companies.

In 1973 United Alloys, Inc. was founded in
Los Angeles, CA as a partnership by 3 friends and business acquaintances. Over the years, United Alloys expanded their processing capacities by acquiring a facility in Columbus, OH, now
operating as Unico Alloys and Metals.

In 2002, United Alloys was purchased by the Cronimet group and the company continued operations as United Alloys and Metals. Throughout the years, United Alloys grew based on a reputation of quality scrap and solid integrity. United Alloys and Metals is now positioned for the future.


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