Processing & Handling

The super alloy recycling business requires knowledge and precision.

Adherence to specifications is demanded. Conformance to the specifications of the specialty and vacuum melters includes chemical composition, sizing and surface inspection. United Alloys and Metals has the personnel and the equipment to meet these challenges.

We have some of the most experienced sorters in the industry. We use a variety of modern, state of the art testing processes to ensure proper grading. Each and every piece gets checked before shipping to a vacuum melter.

We are equipped to handle all sizes and forms of scrap.

We torch cut, saw cut or shear larger items to meet our customers size specifications.

Thinner gage material is cobbled or briquetted, according to the needs of our customers.

Quality Control
Turnings are sorted and graded prior to being crushed. After the turnings are crushed they are degreased and cleaned. During the cleaning process, samples are taken to ensure conformity to specification.

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